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The all-new commercial
open source marketplace
Discover high-quality open-source tools for your specific use case.
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Who is Scoutflo Atlas for?
Explore high-quality, secure, and reliable OSS products for your use case.
OSS Founders
Make your open-source product easy to discover.
OSS Enthusiasts
Find new and exciting open-source products you can contribute to.
Here’s how Scoutflo Atlas
can help you
What does Scoutflo Atlas offer you?
Here’s how Scoutflo Atlas
can help you
Here’s how Scoutflo Atlas can help you
Search for a category, product or alternative
Use filters and easily search through a wide range of open source products.
Compare products to choose the right fit for you
Easily compare different tools to make more effective buying decisions.
Collaborate with your team for decision-making
Add your favourite products to different lists and quickly share them with your teammates. 
Scoutflo Sandbox
Facing friction trying out the tool?
Not anymore.
Scoutflo Sandbox lets you instantly try out a LIVE demo of a COSS tool — with one click.

You don't need to self-host the product on your cloud or have DevOps knowledge. 

• Instant access to the tool
• Hosted on Scoutflo’s cloud
• Minimum external integrations
Scoutflo Deploy
No DevOps support to self-host?
Not a problem.
Scoutflo Deploy automates the self-hosting of COSS products on your own Kubernetes cloud infrastructure – with just a few clicks.

Skip the tedious documentation, and use it without any DevOps experience. 

• Automate Self-Hosting COSS Products 
• Automate Cluster Creation [Beta] 
• Manage your COSS Stack
Scoutflo’s user-friendly Content Management System
Manage your content
As an OSS product founder, you can control and manage all the content about your product on Scoutflo Atlas' CMS.

Your team can collaborate to add, edit, preview your content (text and media) and publish products on the marketplace. 

The CMS is integrated with the GitHub API — to automatically fetch and update data from your GitHub Org page.
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